Dobco Medical Systems joins forces with Dedalus Group

Dobco Medical Systems — a leading Belgian technology company with over 300 customers in eight countries, cloud-native PACS solution, and an average annual recurring revenue growth of 25% - has merged with the Dedalus Group. An important strategic milestone for Dedalus Diagnostic Imaging IT and Dobco in their shared ambition to innovate across the continuum of care. In 2018, Fortino Capital Partners joined the founders of Dobco as a minority shareholder to support the Company with its international growth and increased investments in R&D.


Innovators in radiology

Since its founding in 2011, Dobco Medical Systems has responded to the challenges in medical imaging with continuous innovation – becoming a leading provider of RIS and PACS.

Dobco’s two founders, Jan Dobbenie (CEO) and Kristof Coucke (CTO), remain anchored and active in Dobco Medical Systems. Together with Dedalus, they are driven to further shape the shared vision of a cloud native medical imaging platform. As a result, the capabilities of Dobco solutions will expand faster.


«I am excited about this new partnership with Dedalus. Dobco Medical Systems believes in the power of cloud-native and web based technology to streamline diagnostic imaging processes and to deliver medical information to physicians and patients across the continuum of care. And, Dedalus shares this vision. With this partnership and the integration into the Diagnostic Imaging IT (DIIT) business vertical of the Dedalus group, we have the opportunity to take the next step in our growth and to realize our ambitions with extra investments in R&D innovations, in people, in expanding geographies, and ultimately, to provide our customers with the excellent service level they are accustomed to.»

Jan Dobbenie, CEO, Dobco Medical Systems

«Staying at the forefront of cloud-native and pure web technology is something I and my team find essential in our mission to provide medical imaging professionals with the most effective software. Our acquisition into the Dedalus Group is going to strengthen this mission as we will be able to accelerate our growth and new innovations. Knowing that we share the same ambitions with Dedalus means that our technology will continue to grow and we will be able to support more healthcare professionals and patients around the world.»

Kristof Coucke, CTO, Dobco Medical Systems

An important strategic milestone for Dedalus Diagnostic Imaging IT transformation 

The Dedalus Group is a leading provider of healthcare IT and diagnostic software in Europe. They have an annual turnover of €700M euros, are present in 40 countries and employ more than 6,000 professionals.

This acquisition enables Dedalus to accelerate and support the transformation of the Diagnostic Imaging IT market, thanks to the complementary solutions brought from Dobco Medical Systems. Thanks to this acquisition, Dedalus will be able to capitalize on its European market leadership presence, as well on the strong footprint in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Latin America, North America, Middle East and Africa, having a presence in over 40 different countries.


«Combining Dobco with our DeepUnity portfolio will enable digital transformation of Enterprise Imaging. Dobco brings people, capabilities, technologies and client reference to the table. It has a strong “aaS - as a Service” business that is deployable on secure private, public and hybrid cloud environments.»

Andrea Fiumicelli, CEO, Dedalus Group


«The Diagnostic Imaging IT business is experiencing a massive transformation. We strongly believe in the multiology approach in Medical imaging, and that this combined with big technological leaps will make the difference.”»

Michael Dahlweid, Chief Product and Clinical Officer, Dedalus Group


About Dobco Medical Systems

Dobco Medical Systems is a Belgian company specialized in innovative cloud-native and web-based solutions for medical imaging. The company was founded in 2011, has offices in Belgium (Zele) and Spain (Malaga) and currently employs 41 people covering management, R&D, sales, services and marketing. Dobco is active in 8 European countries with more than +300 customers consisting of large hospitals, private practices and radiology chains. The core offering is a cloud-native PACS and exchange platform (PACSonWeb) and a Radiology Information System (RISonWeb). 

About Dedalus Group

Dedalus Group is the leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider in Europe, supporting the digital transformation of 6100 hospitals and 5300 laboratories worldwide and managing more than 330 million patient records. Dedalus works across the continuum of care, offering open standards-based solutions to help healthcare organizations deliver new models of care. The company employs more than 6000 highly skilled professionals and has the largest software R&D team in the industry in Europe with more than 2000 staff. 

About Fortino Capital Partners

Fortino Capital Partners is a European investment company that invests in high-growth B2B software solutions, including SaaS, PaaS & digital technology companies. Fortino contributes by leveraging its deep operational and strategic expertise, especially in the area of product market fit and software development. 

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