Introducing PACSonWEB 3.3.100: full cloud PACS with enhanced flexibility, efficiency and customization

Whether you’re at the radiology department or working remotely, PACSonWEB 3.3.100 offers added efficiency and security from the cloud, along with a full slate of PACS functionalities.




These are the key enhancements in the 3.3.100 release:

› (Remote) Reading now supports multi-monitor use.
With PACSonWEB, you can now use multiple monitors seamlessly, whether you’re working at home or at the hospital. 
(To see the multi-monitor remote reading function in action, watch our brief video.)

› Smart reading protocols for a specific user, or groups of users.
Set up smart reading protocols for your preferred way of working, or to align with your department’s preferences for different types of exams.

› Multiple study tabs.
With multiple study tabs you can easily consult different studies, switching among studies/reports of the same or different patients without needing to reload them.

› Keep additional documents with the imaging study.
With this new version of PACSonWEB, you can add patient information across disciplines, including PDF, JPEG or PNG files, as well as access the original order form of the referring physician right in PACSonWEB, for a fuller patient overview.

› Keypad with customized settings for user shortcuts.
Work even faster with a custom keypad for one-click access to your favorite or most-used tools within PACSonWEB.

As we continue to expand the capabilities of PACSonWEB, our goal is to listen to you, and fully support your objectives and requirements. Want to know more about PACSonWEB 3.3.100, or share your feedback? Connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter or contact us at .


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