PACSonWEB 3.3.200

With improved web-based speech recognition, customizable and personalized worklists and other productivity features to streamline your workflow.

With the new version of PACSonWEB, we really zeroed in on workflow and reporting, expanding the functionality of PACSonWEB to help you optimize the way you work. With the introduction of the personalized and customizable PACSonWEB worklists and other improved workflow functions, reporting is a whole lot easier, and can now be managed completely within the PACSonWEB platform.

What’s new in PACSonWEB 3.3.200: watch our video to find out.


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These are the key improvements in the new version:

Dbullet The new PACSonWEB worklists improve reporting within PACSonWEB.
  • New web-based speech recognition: Plug in your speechmike and go, or simply use your smartphone as a speechmike.
  • The personalized and customizable worklists enable you to create your own worklist or start from the source defaults. You can filter, sort, and configure the columns or combine worklists cross-hospital.
  • More extensive filtering, such as by performing department (i.e. radiology and nuclear medicine), custom date ranges, priority, etc.
Dbullet You can set your worklist preferences:
  • Set your default worklist and personalize what you need to see.
  • Customize your workflow: set your default actions and buttons when reporting.
  • Choose your favorite hanging protocol for different study types and personalize them.
  • Customizable user preferences, personalized shortcuts to make reporting easier and faster.
Dbullet Reserve function lets you reserve studies for a specific user.
Dbullet Lock function prevents simultaneous reporting on a study.
Dbullet Expanded annotation functions.
Dbullet Order details panel shows scanned documents and an overview of RIS information.
Dbullet Study Status notifications keep everyone up-to-date.
Dbullet Open other software from within the platform.
Dbullet Integration with iCAD for third party consultations.
Dbullet Extended study administration allows you to add more fields and information if necessary.


Improved performance 

Local image cache improvements mean even faster MPR reconstruction. 



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