PACSonWEB 3.3.500: expanded functionality and streamlined reporting in latest version

Announcing PACSonWEB V. 3.3.500: the latest release of our cloud-based diagnostic PACS, with improvements and expanded functionality across the PACSonWEB portals and diagnostic PACS. As always, your feedback and requests play a key role on our development processes.

Watch the video to see the highlights of V. 3.3.500 in action.



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These are some of the key enhancements you’ll see in V. 3.3.500:

Dbullet Notifications when images are available, or when reports are available, or both
Users can now choose whether they wish to be notified when images are available, or when the report is also available (or they can receive notifications for both.)

Dbullet User definable shortcuts –
We’ve added an overview of all shortcut keys, where you can also customize or change the shortcut keys, be notified of conflicts of shortcut keys, and reset any keys to default if necessary. You can also print an easy-to-read reference page from this overview that lists all of your shortcut keys.

Dbullet Easier and clearer labeling options –
We’ve made it much easier to add labels in study lists and worklists, so you can sort images in multiple ways – by favorites, by performing department, for teaching files or lectures, to sort for second opinions, etc. The labels are also now easier to affix and identify.

Dbullet New options for multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) –
The MPR view now shows three planes (instead of four), with one larger image and two smaller images. The middle point is left open so you can choose your location of interest, and you can rotate, change angles, scroll, etc. Toggle ‘M’ to turn MPR on or off, use the ‘space’ key to reset to initial state, and use the arrow keys to set image size.

Dbullet New polygon tool to select and measure region of interest (ROI) –
The polygon tool makes it easier to calculate dimensions of tumors or lesions, for example. Set the points where needed, double click to close up the shape, and perform calculations.

Dbullet Other changes with V. 3.3.500 that streamline your reporting:
• You can save presentation states for rotated or flipped images, for subsequent views or viewers
• You can maintain image transformation, scroll position, image manipulation, and window level for when a series is visualized in multiple steps
• You can hide/show the title bar on the study in a duo-monitor configuration, so you have images sized the same way on both monitors
View the technical release notes here.



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