PACSonWEB key part of Jan Yperman Hospital's SaaS strategy



Collaboration and easier home reading with cloud PACS

The implementation of the PACSonWEB Diagnostic cloud solution, with portals for referring physicians and patients, is an integral part of Jan Yperman Hospital’s cloud-based SaaS strategy. With 532 beds, 1,300 employees and 130 physicians, Jan Yperman is a growing, entrepreneurial and innovative hospital with strong roots in the region.




Another important benefit for the hospital: move beyond on-premise solutions. “The cloud-based solutions of DOBCO Medical Systems (part of the Dedalus group) got us out of the grip of on-premise investments and vendor lock-in,” says Dr. Johan Dehem, radiologist at the hospital.

Radiologists collaborate to make all reporting as efficient as possible across the three radiology practices and an outpatient clinic connected with the hospital’s Radiology Department. Shared worklists allow for examinations from the group to be requested for reporting. “The fact that we can now make a report immediately from anywhere, without wasting any time, is an advantage that people did not expect,” says Dr. Katrien Goemaere, Head of the Radiology Department at Jan Yperman Hospital.

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