From burning CDs to a smooth cloud solution: Radiology Landau-SÜW steps forward with PACSonWEB

Radiology Landau-SÜW was burning a lot of CDs – about 1,600 per month, on average. For Dr. Michael Knölker, radiologist and co-owner, finding a better alternative was key. With the implementation of the PACSonWEB cloud platform, with an online Portal for patients and referring physicians, the problem was solved. Now, the clinic offers easy online image distribution, providing smooth service to everyone who needs images.

You can read more about Radiology Landau-SÜW, and Dr. Knölker’s search for a solution, in our ebook.


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Dr Knölker's talking

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“We wanted a solution that gave everyone access to image data online,
from referring physicians to patients.”
- Dr. Knölker

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